14 April, 2021 #Business

A Look At 2021 SEO Trends

One way that you can get more consumers to your website is through search engine optimization. This field is always changing and if you want to make full use of it, then you need to constantly be aware of the newest updates. With that said, it is definitely worth it since around 70 to 80% of users typically look at organic results as oppose to paid ads. Also, approximately 28% of those persons actually convert into a customer. 

1. AI Will Become More Prominent

Artificial intelligence is currently changing the interaction between users and online content. In particular, the Google AI is certainly noteworthy. A couple years ago, a particular algorithm known as RankBrain was introduced and it is quite important when it comes to the search marketing hampshire and Google's ranking factors. 

One of the main Google scientists that assisted in making RankBrain is Greg Corrado. He indicated that this algorithm has a sophisticated learning ability. Basically, the various other ranking signals are based off of insights and findings of people due to information retrieving related processes, without learning. So, this definitely indicates that RankBrain will surely get better over time and is certainly something to pay attention to.

You will also need to figure out how to do your SEO for RankBrain. Of course, Google won't simply hand over these details, but many SEO experts think that user experience signals have a main role. Some of these include time spent on particular pages of the website, CTR rate, engagement, quality of your content, organization etc. You can use a SEO checker for your on-page SEO to determine the quality of each page based on the factors mentioned above. 

2. Voice Search Will Play A Bigger Role

This is due to the rise of Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and other voice search technology that has become quite popular. Since technology has improved, voice search has become more prominent. This is due to the fact that about 55% of households should have a smart speaker by the year 2022. 

In order to properly optimise your site for voice search, you need to pay attention to your keywords. It is best to figure out the phrases that people may actually use on a daily basis during conversation. As a result, voice searches are great for natural phrases. However, when people need to type a search, they typically tend to shorten what they're looking for. To put this into perspective, a person may type a phrase such as "2021 SEO trends" into the search bar but if they're doing a voice search, they will likely say "Exactly what are the latest trends in SEO in 2021?"

3. Mobile Friendly

Mobile first indexing was implemented in 2019 and refers to the search engine paying more attention to the mobile version of a website and identifying it as the main version as oppose to the desktop. This is certainly something that has happened due to the fact that around 73% of users will typically browse the web on their smart phones or other mobile devices by the year, 2025. Therefore, you need to look at how your website appears on mobiles and ensure it is mobile friendly. You should also pay attention to your Google Search Console and look at your website's mobile usability. 

In order to make sure that your site and all its pages are user friendly, Google needs to crawl all of your pages. As a result, ensure that there aren't any disallow directives. Also, content that requires user interactions won't be loaded by Googlebot. As a result, ensure that Google can identify this type of content. You should also use the same type of meta robots tags on your mobile and desktop site version. 

4. EAT

Google has indicated many times that you need to have high quality content in order to rank. However, you may be wondering exactly how does Google define this. Basically, they use the EAT principle which refers to expertise, authority and trust. These are the main factors that they use to figure out if your site has good content. If you have a website that is in the your money, your life niche such as finance and health, then EAT is even more critical.