26 April, 2021 #Business

6 Must-Haves That Constitute A Modern Kitchen Design

To achieve your goals when doing a kitchen extension, renovation, or remodel, you must know the essentials to add. Every kitchen has some functional requirements that make it effective; they include the oven, refrigerator, good plumbing, and adequate lighting. However, a properly designed modern kitchen is more than having the essentials. It must have cohesion, efficiency, and clarity. Attaining this will demand looking beyond the standard requirements to identify and appreciate the ‘must-haves for your kitchen.

  1. Efficiency
    Efficiency has to do with more than how well something performs or fulfils its task. For instance, an appliance must full its functional purpose but also be environmentally and economically efficient. The two have become an integral part of the modern kitchen. It would be better to consider machines with high energy ratings when revamping your kitchen. Think about the materials; are they natural, durable, affordable, and practical? For example, marble and granite are excellent options for your countertops mined in slabs and have minimal manufacturing impact. They can last a lifetime.
  2. Aesthetics
    With so many modern kitchen designs to consider, you have an array of concepts to play with when refitting your kitchen. Options range from the coastal to country setup, retro to minimalist. Whatever your pick, the secret to perfection in the overall presentation is cohesion. Pick a concept that meets your needs and plan the different elements you can work with to achieve the desired aesthetics. Also, leave some room to update things in the future. For instance, you can play it safe with a neutral quartz countertop as the primary element that will be the constant feature, while other things like the cabinet fronts can be changed later.
  3. Function
    Diversity in function is one of the core elements of a modern kitchen design, meaning the room can be a multi-disciplined space in your home. It can be a cooking area and a room for socialising, relaxing, entertaining, and living. Hence, living furniture is a trendy ‘must-have’ in your new kitchen. Set up the furniture to allow for a better range of view, allowing people to experiences your kitchen’s personalities. A seated dining set, worktops, coffee tables, relaxed sofa area, and casual bar stools are some of the options that can shift in function.
  4. Kitchen Island
    Kitchen islands and breakfast bars are not a new concept in the kitchen. They have been around for decades. However, they are cemented their place in the modern kitchen designs. They are a must-have if you have space because they are multifunctional. Your kitchen island can be a breakfast bar and could include a wine fridge or prep sink, among other things. Such diversity necessitates the need to consider stylish and durable materials like granite or marble for your kitchen island.
  5. Worktops That Last
    Give how you want a kitchen that is a multi-disciplined space; durability then becomes essential. That means all the features that constitute your modern kitchen must be durable in all aspects – style, purpose, and strength. For example, granite as your material of choice for your worktop or countertops is a wise investment since it will last for decades. Conversely, neutral marbles and sparkling quartz can also deliver the same impact. Moreover, all of them can be done in various design concepts.

The cabinetry should also stand the test of time. It would be best to have cupboards, drawers, and shelves that offer unrestricted access and secure storage. For instance, you will have unlimited access on either side of full-height pull-out pantry cupboards. You can situate the pull-out larder at the end of your kitchen worktop or make it a part of your floor-to-ceiling unit.

  1. Fitted And Free-standing Mixed Setup
    The mixed-fitted kitchen setup is becoming more popular among consumers who like free-standing kitchen cabinets and prep areas. It presents a mix of styles that result in unique, personalised, chic design concepts suited for the modern kitchen. For instance, you can fit a classic granite worktops in surrey over units set against a range oven and free-standing dresser to achieve a fresh and striking presentation.