14 April, 2021 #Business

Are You Starting University? Check Out These Tips

  1. Properly manage your studies and workload

According to Kaylie Knowles, a student at Nottingham Trent University, she indicates that you definitely need to keep up with your workload.

“Even though I did okay during my time at Trent as an Undergrad, when I did my last year at Derby, it was extremely difficult and stressful which lead to a handful of meltdowns throughout the year.”

“So, you definitely need to take the time to organize your workload and make sure and take breaks so you don’t become overwhelmed.”

  1. Create a weekly budget

You definitely need to have a weekly budget according to the 23 year old, Marry O’Connell. She did an English Literature degree at York University as well as a Film Studies MA in Kings College in London.

“Make sure you avoid spending all your cash during Freshers week to save for more important things such as student storage Manchester. This is particularly tempting if you haven’t worked previously and never had so much money. However, keep in mind that it is only a loan and you need to be responsible with how you use it.”

  1. Always create back ups of your work

A York University graduate, Peter Rogers indicates that you should always have multiple back ups of your school work and assignments in various places.

“Most of us have Gmail accounts and I use Google Drive in order to save my work. As a result, it is always safe in the cloud.”

“You definitely want to save the different versions of your work as you work on it to be safe.”

  1. Enjoy your first year as much as you can

In most cases, your first year at university will be a bit easier and lighter compared to the other years according to Peter. As a result, you should enjoy it.

“In some cases, the grades you get in your first year won’t affect your final grade. This gives you a bit more freedom and you should make use of it.”

“I definitely reminisce on that time and really wished I did less work and spent the time with friends, doing sports or various activities.”

“Of course, your grades are important, but it only becomes very important when you start your second and third year of your degree.”

  1. Choose your friends carefully

A Nottingham Trent University journalism student, Emmeke Megannety says that you should always strive to make good quality companions and friends.

“Remember, the other students that you’ll meet when you now start during your first week won’t typically end up being life long friends.”

  1. Look out for others

There are many people in university who will have mental health problems such as anxiety, depression etc. In 2016, 146 students committed suicide.

Peter indicates that you definitely need to look out for your fellow classmates and friends.

There is unfortunately a significant rise in mental illness among students.

“I’m quite surprised that there are so many people who appear to be fine but are deeply struggling.

“You definitely need to be direct, especially when speaking to guys. Personally, if I was asked a question such as “How are you doing?” Then, I’d probably just give a generic answer that isn’t near to the truth.

“However, if someone asked me if my mental health has been affected by certain things, I’d likely want to be more honest.”