13 April, 2021 #Business

Barrel Pump Buying Guide

What is a Barrel Pump?

A barrel pump is any pump that’s used in drums and barrels and can also be referred to as a container pump.

How do Barrel Pumps Work?

Barrel pumps are made up of three major parts; an immersion tube, a pump, and a motor. The immersion tube sticks out of the bottom of the motor on the outside of a container and is generally as long as the depth of the container it’s emptying. It’s worth noting that immersion tubes fit through, and are generally sealed to, the opening of a container and are available in varying lengths to cater for different container depths and in varying material constructions depending on the type of liquid being pumped. Drum pump.

The pump section of a barrel pump is situated at the lower part of the immersion tube and is driven from the immersion tube’s top using a vertical shaft that’s protected by a sealed-off column. Pumped liquids flow between the tube and sleeve to a discharge port located at the motor end of the tube.

Understand Your Needs Before Buying a Barrel Pump

Before buying a barrel pump, you must have an idea of why you need one. What’s the purpose of the pump? How do you plan to use it? Do you need one to transfer liquids and transmission fluid in smaller quantities? Will it be used in tiny tractors, field mowers, or larger vehicles or instrumentation that are used to perform heavy-duty applications?

Considering that different types of liquids need to be handled, transported, transferred, and processed, drum pumps aren’t limited to hydro-based industries only. These pumps can be also be used in automotive shops, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and even in various cleaning jobs.

A Look at the Two Main Types of Barrel Pumps Available in the Market Today

1.) Crank-Operated Pumps

Crank-operated barrel pumps use a rotary hand crank to create the suction needed to move a liquid. A majority of rotary barrel pumps are constructed using metal and feature metal tubing that hangs into the container/instrument they are mounted on. Since the handle is turned, the pump pulls the liquid from the container and moves it through a house, usually made of rubber, into another container. These pumps are typically mounted to a pail or barrel and generally transfer fluids much faster than a siphon pump.

Crank-operated barrel pumps are amongst the most commonly used pumps in various industries and are perfect for transferring fuel from a fuel tank or drum at a set location. Compared to gas-operated and electric barrel pumps, crank-operated pumps are far cheaper, which might explain why they are so prevalent. If you pump fuel from a drum in your garage to a mower or your truck often, then this type of pump could work perfectly for you.

2.) Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps

Electric transfer pumps are available in various pumping speeds and voltages and use the same operating principle as rotary crank pumps – the only difference is that these pumps use an electric motor instead of a crank to create suction. Electric transfer pumps are mainly used by farmers and construction contractors as they can transfer large quantities of fuel fast and efficiently.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Drum Pump

  • Use: Consider how the pump will be used to choose the right motor type, pump series, pump type, and accessories.
  • Compatibility: Consider how compatible your application is with the pump’s motor, size, head and flow, viscosity, fluid, and chemical type.
  • Outer tube material: Ensure the material used to construct the outer tube is chemically resistant to the liquids/fluids you plan on pumping.
  • Safety: If the liquids you plan on pumping are combustible or flammable, go for an air drive or explosion-proof motor.

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