12 April, 2021 #Business

Life On The Autism Spectrum

For quite some time there has been an ongoing debate on whether or not the autism spectrum should be considered as a form of visibility or a form of difference. However, most people tend to indicate that from a personal point of view, it’s more of a feeling of difference.

Some claimed that this positively impacted them while others felt the need to fit in or deep isolation. One person also suggested that it’s hard to fit in since most on the spectrum feel like they’re always on the outside and they often feel as though they are different. They went on to say that while “normal” people do things differently sometimes, they usually feel as though more awareness is brought to the autism spectrum.

As individuals, we have the right to be different but no one likes to feel like the odd one all of the time. By feeling different, most eventually feel quite lonely and it becomes just another part of disability news UK. Being different makes life somewhat a rather lonely experience due to socialising issues. One pretty cool guy Paul said that he didn’t feel included in many social activities and this made it even harder to actively become involved.

A woman also indicated that trying to mesh with everyone while pretending to be normal was really hard especially when others didn’t understand what was different about her. Harriet went on to further indicate that she’s always known that she was different from her memories and Mark chimed in indicating that he has never felt like he has ever fitted in especially where his family was concerned. Mark referred to himself as feeling like a freak in the midst of his “normal” family.

For those with autism, it can bring on feelings and manifestations of feeling different from each other even though they all have autism. In essence, autism is different for everyone. Most of the times, persons hide their differences simply because they don’t want to be labelled as a standard or statistic. If you didn’t already know, persons dealing with autism has always had to face a harsh reality. They’re often subjected to cruelty in more than one form. Some of them have had to deal with violence, discrimination and even feelings of being an outcast. Due to their many challenges, some of the well-known spokespersons in the community have even thought about shying away from public settings.

One spokesperson said that even though they wished to step out of the spotlight and had made the decision to, they received a life-changing realisation. This realisation came from a mother who was not only extremely sad but was desperate to find some hope on how to help her tormented child. She needed help to understand what her child might be feeling or dealing with. Such a situation proved useful since the spokesperson realised that they needed to face their fears and help those in need.

While autism is a challenging ordeal, it is better known as a neurodevelopment disorder. In essence, it often leaves persons struggling with both verbal and nonverbal communication, social interactions, repetitive or restricted behaviours and sensory processing. While some of them can manifest in a person with autism, they tend to actually flow from the ASD neurological system of a person.