12 June, 2021 #Business

Your Bathroom Can Be Your Branding And Marketing Tool

The British public put huge importance on bathroom standards. Restaurants can either make or break the brand by the bathroom experience they provide; indeed, it comes as no surprise that bathrooms are now being viewed as a way to improve customer experience.

The wonderful thing is that small changes can create a huge difference. All you really need to do is implement a few easy changes and you can ensure that all customers leave with a great impression of your establishment, from the ones that are calling by to avoid a trip to that nasty public toilet to the ones that are celebrating a family occasion with style.

Stay With Your Restaurant Theme

We are all guilty of putting huge importance on first impressions and when it comes to bathroom appearance this rings very true. It is a fact that we are not asking our customers to dine on the bathroom but we do want them to feel like they are simply visiting an extended part of the restaurant; they should not feel like they are in an awkward afterthought when visiting the bathroom but instead should feel that the vibe simply continues throughout the entire establishment.

Your customers will feel valued if you keep your branding the same throughout, including the bathroom. In fact, there are times when an impressive bathroom will motivate customers to post positive pictures and comments on social media which can do wonders for your business.

Cleanliness Is Crucial

A beautifully designed bathroom that is pitifully dirty will not do you any good. Of course, few people are going to be so impressed by a clean bathroom that they will start a social media whirlwind by posting pictures of it, but they could easily create such an effect if they are met with a dirty bathroom experience. Research suggests that around half of people that have a negative experience when visiting a restaurant bathroom will pass it onto their friends and families.

When you run a catering establishment, cleanliness needs to be key. You can prevent complaints when you have a spotless bathroom and can ensure that you make a great impression in the minds of your customers, even if that impression is formed subconsciously. Discreetness for females in public restrooms is important for providing feminine hygiene removal contracts to remove sanitary bins and enabling a comfortable environment for females who wish for a no fuss zone and privacy.

Make A Good Facilities Choice

If you have not secured the right facilities you are going to have an uphill battle to have a clean bathroom. Even if you spent hours cleaning, your customers will not notice the gleaming floors if they see an overflowing bin the moment they walk into the bathroom.

If you are serious about creating a lasting positive customer experience, it is vital that facilities are maintained and emptied regularly. Dispensers that are used for soaps and towels need to be topped up frequently, this ensures that good hygiene is maintained and encouraged within the establishment and also provides customers with a feeling of being cared for. You really do not want to see a customer chasing around a waiter to ask them if they could get some toilet roll for the bathroom.

An issue that faces many restaurants is that of sanitary waste. Certainly, the restaurant has a legal requirement to ensure that a sanitary bin is in place, however, it is not the job of the restaurant to dispose of the waste but rather that of the company that provides the bins. Hence it is clear how important it is for restaurants to choose the right sanitary waste provider to care for their needs in a responsive way. This can go a long way to maintaining a positive customer experience.