26 April, 2021 #Business

The Past Year’s Most Popular Videography Services For Our Company

Since March last year, the UK has operated significantly differently from how it did prior to the global coronavirus pandemic. However, despite the lockdowns, our company has managed to continue to provide property marketing services while strictly adhering to government guidelines to keep our employees and customers safe. The pandemic has caused people to wake up to the realities of residing a long distance away from core amenities as well as the disadvantages of living in a crowded city. As a result, the property market has remained healthy with house sales booming.

Our company uses the latest video technology and editing suites to provide everything from beautiful marketing films featuring drone footage to interactive virtual tours to simple property walk-throughs. Outlined below are our top five most popular videography services. Continue reading to see how our services could benefit your situation. If you are looking for EPC Services then look no further.


Face-to-face contact restrictions have made our standard videography service, Virtual View, very popular during the last 12 months of the coronavirus pandemic. With the service, clients receive up to 60 seconds of video footage of a continuous walk-though, showcasing every room in a building and its layout. We use stabilisation technology and mobile capture to ensure our videos are ready for social media platforms and mobile-friendly website. Despite not being a bespoke service, our videography team are receptive to simple direction requests as to which areas of a property to avoid or focus more heavily on. Our video operators shoot in both portrait and landscape mode to match customer specifications. Weather permitting, our standard services include shots of a property’s gardens and the front exterior.


Our upgraded service, Virtual View Plus, is ideal for clients that want something a bit more special. It provides everything our standard service does plus we allocate more time for editing and highlighting unique property features. Additionally, our video operators use smoother camera pans and wide-angled lens to give footage a more professional finish.


Our Matterport service provides interactive virtual footage and is ideal for clients that want to offer prospective property buyers something unique. Our team uses a Metterport scanner to capture highly detailed, 3D representations of spaces. The footage is online and interactive, offering a real sense of a property without the need for a physical visit. Real estate agents that feature this type of footage on their websites typically see a marked increase in home sales. We have skilled operatives up to and down the country ready to provide our Matterport service. Customers receive footage that delivers a unique, immersive showcasing of a property that’s adapted for easy sharing with vendors and buyers. Government-mandated travel restrictions due to the pandemic have increased demand for this service as it offers an excellent alternative to traditional in-person property viewings. International clients also appreciate the footage it provides as it enables them to tour a property interactively and virtually at their leisure without concern for differing time zones.


For luxury properties in serene locations, our stunning drone video footage will showcase all their wow-factor features and attract a lot of attention. It could be a stately country manor with acres of land and stunning additional outbuildings, such as horse stables, tree houses and garden offices, a farmhouse, or a coastal property offering views of sandy beaches and crashing waves, drone videography is ideal for highlighting the scale and beauty of all homes that are best viewed from above. Such footage also gives prospective buyers a better perspective of the surrounding terrain and the scale of the private land than that offered by simple floor plans. Our certified drone operators have undergone extensive training and always obtain permission from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), ensuring all flights comply with the law and are fully insured and safe.