15 April, 2021 #Business

Trendy Concepts For Kitchen Renovations For 2021

The pandemic that hit last year forced many people to push pause on many of their home renovation plans. If you did not manage to revamp your kitchen last years, now would be an ideal time to get the ball rolling and have a new kitchen.

2021 offer you the opportunity to plan for the new kitchen. The sooner you start planning, the closer you get to having an on-trend kitchen in your home. Looking at designs and formats such as kitchens Camberley, will give you ideas for looks and budgets, to enable you to create the perfect kitchen.

Stone and Chrome are here to help you. Our showroom might be close to clients given the COVID-19 situation, but we’ve been doing things behind the scenes. We are working and have remote consultations via FaceTime, Zoom, and Teams. We can use your plan to help you develop a design, or you can visit our property to know more under the COVID-19 guidelines.

We still have our bathrooms and kitchens installation service operational. Furthermore, we have changed our working practices to ensure they adhere to the Government issued guidelines on COVID-19 safety. As such, we have enhanced hygiene measures and observe social distancing when working in a client’s home.

If you are ready to install a new kitchen, Stone and Chrome are there to help make that dream a reality. To help get things started, we have shared below some ideas for trendy kitchen design in 2021.

Contrasting Colours

You should think outside the box and go for the unconventional colours for your new kitchen. Play with two or more different hues instead of matching everything. You can get some inspirations from our article on Colourful Kitchen Design.

Blues and greens are the in-thing, and we see people gravitating more towards darker choices like navy blue, forest green, cobalt blue, and teal. They also are interested in contrasting paler colours such as mint, sage green, powder blue, and moss.

Black has also seen a rise in popularity. But you do not want to go all-out black for your new installation. Instead, do a touch of black on some focal items. For instance, you can use a soft neutral grey shade on your kitchen cabinetry and a striking black effect reverberated by the worktops or island.

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is the perfect option when you want a seamless presentation in the kitchen cabinetry. And we at Stone and Chrome are masters of intelligent storage options that are practical, stylish, and hidden. For instance, pantries and boot rooms are two of our trendiest hidden storage solutions.


Pantries are finding their place again in many modern kitchens. They are becoming somewhat a must-have after proving an invaluable solution during the lockdown, and people were doing larger shopping, thus needing more and well-organised storage space.

As such, a walk-in pantry is an ideal option. It frees up the kitchen and allows you to glance at everything for quick access. A pantry can even include a wine fridge and gin dresser.  Give the pantry an on-trend paint with options such as powder blue or farrow and ball-studio green.

Boot Room

It is another roomy ancillary space that helps declutter your new kitchen. You can have one that exudes an individual style but considering a bespoke boot room. It will be a custom, handcrafted ancillary space that fit your desired on-trend kitchen design. Paint it with a trendy hue and give it stylish brass, chrome, or polished matte-silver handles, and you will have a fabulous addition to your new kitchen.