15 April, 2021 #Business

What Are The Different Types Of UPS?

What Is A UPS Device?

If ever you’re faced with power failures and surges, you’ll be able to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply to ensure that your devices are operational and safe in the event where anything goes wrong. In essence, the power supply provides enough battery so that when a lower voltage occurs or if the unit stops, you’ll have some power.

If you’re working in a critical environment, then you’ll definitely need a power source in case of any unforeseen incidents. However, based on the size of your equipment, the UPS will only be able to supply a certain amount of power for a designated amount of time. This is done in most cases until a generator can be activated. A computer room and ups cooling is what you will be needing to look for.

If for some reason, there are no generators or they’re not working, the UPS provides enough power until you can properly shut down your sensitive network components. When there is enough electricity flowing through the components, they will be protected from damages. As such, your UPS will be able to protect single devices or even data center if need be.

What Are The Different Types Of UPS?

Thus far, there are three different types of UPS systems on the markets. The Uninterruptible Power Supply is suited to protect a range of different devices. In essence, they were designed to meet both consumer and enterprise needs.

Standby UPS devices are offline but can easily detect any electrical failure. When this occurs, they will automatically switch to the backup battery. The remaining two and Online devices and Line Interactive devices. However, both are very expensive.

As such, each is responsible for regular operations of your devices if ever the power becomes unavailable.

What Is A Standby UPS?

This is the most basic UPS system and it delivers short-term power if ever you meet with an outage. This type of power system ensures that your hardware can receive some power via an AC connection. The unit is also an inverter so it will hold for a period until a backup is needed.

Some standby models are useful and will protect all of your sensitive equipment and data from any dips, spikes or surges. If you’re thinking of home protection, then this is the perfect device for you since they are used for modems, computers, VoIP equipment and other devices. Unlike the other two, this one is more affordable if you’re planning to protect the mentioned devices.

Offline UPS Provides Basic Power For Home And Office

As previously stated, regular UPS systems are known as offline devices. This just simply means that it isn’t fully uninterruptible. Offline devices are better suited for environments where fewer power demands are made.

What Is A Backup UPS?

A backup battery is used with the Backup UPS. These are better known as Standby UPS systems. If ever you should encounter a blackout, the UPS will provide some power for a time. Whenever loss is detected, the internal mechanism will begin the backup process.

The switchover time from the mains to the Backup occurs in as little as a couple of milliseconds. While the switch time is not instantaneous, it doesn’t interrupt the power flowing into the equipment. A Backup UPS is suited for data and equipment protection as well as safe shutdowns.

What Is An Online UPS?

The online variant is uninterruptible and makes use of either delta conversion or double conversion technology. When this form of technology is employed, the connected equipment doesn’t require any direct connections to AC outlets. The power converts to DC via a rectifier and then moves into the battery, followed by the inverter.