09 March, 2023 #Business

Why Are Bars With Live Music Great?

cocktail bar

Nothing quite matches the experience of sitting back, relaxing and sipping on a craft cocktail of beer. You can do this in the woods on your camping trip, from the comfort of your home, or perhaps even at your favourite bar. Enjoying a drink at your local bar as you trade stories and jokes with others is not only fun but also a relaxing activity, perfect for after work drinks in London.

We are social creatures by nature, and hanging out at the bar is an excellent way to fulfill our socialisation needs. Unfortunately, all bars are not created equal. There’s one element that can really take a bar to the next level, which is live music. If you’re in London, check out the live music bars in Shoreditch for a fun and exciting night out. Keep reading to learn exactly why bars with live music are so great.

It’s Fun and Uplifting

Music has the unmatched ability to change your mood. It can help you relax when you feel stressed, get you pumped up when you feel tired, and can even make you happy when you are feeling down.

The reality is that there’s some science behind this magic. A deep lecture is obviously not necessary here, but studies show that listening to music triggers the release of dopamine, which simultaneously reduces your stress levels and elevates your mood.

If you combine this with a social setting, where everyone is feeling the vibe and letting loose, you have the perfect recipe for a good time. The fun and energy become contagious, encompassing everybody in the venue. Your worries and stress melt away as the smile on your face grows larger.

Uniquely Different Atmosphere

Live music hits differently. Compared to the flat, compressed sounds of recordings, live music has an almost physical quality to it. Many have said that it can be felt in your soul, and many people would be inclined to agree. You can literally feel the bass and drums reverberating through the body.

The sound is full of texture and richer and the rawness is a big part of what boosts the energy level of everyone in the bar. This creates a synergistic effect between the band and the audience, with both building off each other increasingly as the night goes on.

Whether you are listening to some jazz and blues or rocking out to some metal, the dynamic between the audience and musicians is virtually impossible to overstate.

It’s Healthy

Nobody ever heads over to the bar to get some workouts in, but live music will quickly get you up on your feet and start moving around.

Today, far many people have sedentary day jobs, where they sit for hours on end. The human body, however, wasn’t built to sit in one place all day but was instead made to stand and move around. A bar with live music is the ideal environment to get your joints moving as you dance, twist, spin, and twirl around.

In fact, listening to live music could actually help alleviate some of your back pain. Both the limbic system and autonomic nervous system are extremely reactive and sensitive to music. This means that you can reduce muscle tension in your back, shoulders, neck, and stomach, all while having a good time with friends.

Something New and Interesting Is Always Available

Perhaps one of the best things about going to a bar with live music is the opportunity to discover something totally new. There are numerous talented local and regional musicians that you and many other people have never even heard about.

Nothing is better than discovering a new up-and-coming artist than by checking out an unknown musician or band at the local bar.