26 April, 2021 #Business

Five Reasons Why People Purchase Antiques

When it comes to collecting things, most people tend to actively spend their cash on the things that they love. In some instances, collecting antiques is a favourite pastime, and collectors go in search of items that are over a couple of centuries old. While it may seem silly to purchase relatively expensive items and house them in a display case, true collectors know that there’s always an interesting story behind why a collector collects the things that he does.

1. The Age of the Object

In the antique industry, the age of an object is what makes it a piece of antique property. One of the main things that draw a person to these old items is simply their age. For most, this is their connection to another era in time. This is even more important if they had a deep love for other periods in time.

If we look at a porcelain ewer, during the 15th century, China was the first and only nation to export these works of art throughout the globe. A porcelain ewer is one of the many items that have been sought out by collectors since it was created during the 1400s. In essence, these ewers are considered the first or earliest set of pieces to be imported into the European nation.

Besides the age of an antique, craftsmanship is also essentially important. This is a huge reason why persons choose to purchase something that is this old. If you didn’t already know, most if not all items before the industrial revolution were crafted by hand. Collectors saw this as sculptors being connected to their pieces.

It is often thought that someone took the time to create these pieces without the need for machinery, which makes them even more desirable and special to a collector. What makes these discoveries even more special is that they still exist in the modern world. Even the crafting tactics from centuries ago are significantly different from what we know in our time.

Due to this, items from the 15th century will always hold more value than those that were made in the 17th century and after. The job of making porcelain was even harder in the 1400s than it is now.

2. To Make Money

Buyers and collectors Rick Blears and Ruth Shearn often spend a ton on certain pieces even if there’s no profit to make from them. In 2013, they managed to purchase a terracotta figurine online for £26. However, due to the brand attached to the figurine, they restored it and can make a handsome £800 or more if they ever decide to sell it. They’ve even said that their daughter will benefit from the profits that are made with this business.

3. Living through Memory

In the eyes of collectors, the type of object doesn’t matter as long as it is personal and allows them to revive some memory form the past. Even if family collections might not be what you thought of as personal, they still had the same effect on your family as your prised antiques now have on you. Whenever antiques are passed down it is done with the hope that the receiving party can add to the collection over time.

4. Who Was the Former Owner?

While a dead person’s hair isn’t worn any more, tons of people invest heavily in the items that belonged to special people. This gives them a feeling of connection to that person. In 1960, a Mark Rothko painting was purchased by David Rockefeller for much less than £8000. During the year 2007, the painting was sent to be auctioned away and was set at a whopping 31 million pounds if it was ever sold.

5. The Thrill of the Find

Most people tend to collect antique pieces because it’s fun and interesting to them. Going into an antique store is nothing short of a grand adventure. When you travel to different places, you’re sure to come across several antique shops that all have a ton of different items to be collected! This antique shop in Hampshire is a good example.